A shift in energy

We’ve all awoken from our Christmas dinner comas, wrenched ourselves away from Netflix and managed the first early rise of the year. Today was our first day back at SCA, and this term, something feels different. There’s an air of determination and focus brewing amongst us, because 2018 is our year, and the future is in our hands. 

Everyone walking in today with their shiny new portfolios has really created a shift in energy. We’re starting to see that this book is our ticket into agencies, placements and eventually a job. We will be guarding them with our lives… Almost. I may have nearly left mine in a coffee shop earlier. Great start. 

Change is coming

The advertising industry is an exciting place to be right now - there’s change coming, and a shift in how people work. It’s exciting because as young creatives, we’re the ones who can shape this new advertising model. We all have our eyes firmly on the prize, whatever that means to each of us individually.

Personally, I just can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store!