This is me...

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good list. I mean honestly, I don’t know how people get anything done without them! There’s no better feeling than crossing off the last line of a mammoth to-do list, and that’s exactly what I’ve just done!

A month ago, I made my biggest list to-date. So much to do, so little time has been the theme of the past 4 weeks, and I am so relieved to have finally finished the last thing! From reading a list of books, to finding somewhere to live, to tying up loose ends at work and even shopping for wedding outfits. They’re all done! Hooray! Pass me the wine!

My last item on the list, was a project set by SCA. The brief was to make a 4 minute video that introduces yourself, which starts with “My name is XXX and this is me”, and then film one of your passion projects. It may be slightly cobbled together last minute, but here’s a sneak peek of what I did for mine (basically just banging beats and spray paint):