Imposter Syndrome

This week has been really challenging for me - I've been overwhelmed with a feeling of inadequacy, like an imposter who is just counting down the days until I'm found out. 

It turns out, this is a really common feeling, not only amongst the students at SCA but also right up to CDs of big agencies. It's that onset of fear that you've got to where you are by sheer luck, and sooner or later people are going to realise you're not as good as they think you are. 

My group have really been struggling with the Metro 'Rush Hour Crush' brief. In theory, it's so simple - 'you have a £20 budget, make love happen and film the results', but every idea we had was instantly killed by the mentors. With such a tight deadline, the pressure was really getting to all of us, and then that little voice in the back of my head was telling me that I'm rubbish at art direction and should have just stuck to the design.

Yesterday, we cracked the brief, and in all honesty I had to be peeled off the ceiling. There's no better feeling than finally stumbling across an idea that has legs, we were all ecstatic. It's made me realise that I need to use the mentors more - we had loose ideas, all of which felt half baked, but after a chat to Ian and a visiting mentor, John Jessop, one of those ideas evolved into an really interesting concept.

So, we're off to central London later today to make love happen, fingers crossed it works!