Find your silence

The brief was to create a low budget campaign utilising tube posters for Gaia House, which is a silent Buddhist retreat. In a world where everyone is in a rush, stressed out and glued to their phones, these adverts needed to cut through the noise and resonate with commuters.

I went down a copy route for this brief - risky being as I am firmly an Art Director and consider my writing skills on a par with a 10-year-old. To my surprise however, there was a fair amount of positive feedback on these, despite me thinking I could do so much better. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't overwhelmingly positive, it's clear I could have pushed this a lot further than I did.

Originally, I was toying with the idea of taking over a whole tube station with blank posters to create silence, but realised it was quite boring and the mock up really did look like it took me 5 minutes... which it did. I settled on copy to communicate my message. 

Lesson learnt: Don't leave things to the last minute... and maybe I can write after all!


I am looking forward to working in a pair this week on a chocolate brief - every partner I've been assigned so far this year has been off sick during the time I was meant to be working with them. I'm beginning to think no one wants to work with me!