Make chocolate famous

Last week we were tasked with making a chocolate bar famous, and at long last, I had a healthy partner who survived their stint working with me - hooray! 

We chose Milky Way Magic Stars, a childhood favourite which seems to have been demoted to the bottom shelf in the sweet aisle. We wanted to remind kids just how great these little stars of joy are! 

Right now, there are more than 8 million Syrian children in danger because they’ve lost their homes and families. But now they have a new threat - the deadly cold of winter. Partnering with Unicef, we created a campaign and activation to help Syrian children stay warm and fed.

Based on the thought that 'no matter where you are in the world, everyone looks up at the same set of stars', we wanted to provide a platform for children all over the world to connect to one another. Children that have access to a smartphone would be able to connect with those who aren't as privileged through stars in the night sky. Stars will be named after refugee children, and when clicked, a child will be able to read about them and their story.

For every app download, Magic Stars would donate £1 to provide hats and gloves for Syrian children, whilst giving 10% of all profits on their share bags to the cause

The campaign would be launched with posters in underground stations and on bus stops. There would be CTAs telling people to look up, with ceilings covered in the night sky. Scannable star stickers will be added to bus stops, which would link users to Snapchat stories featuring Syrian children in refugee camps.

We would also have live data advertising boards in Leicester Square which would tell the public which stars were above them at that exact moment, and drive traffic towards the app. 

Finally, we would partner with the Science Museum, to have activations where you can hunt new stars. Access to this exhibition is only through collecting the tops off special edition Magic Stars sharing bags. We would stream it on Facebook Live with Brian Cox guiding viewers through the night sky.

Magic Stars have an identity, they have faces and it’s about time we gave these refugee children one too.

Because every child deserves to shine bright.

Magic Stars. Look up.

Credit also to my partner: Naomi Taylor.